Friday, November 14, 2014

American freedom

Zachary H
English 7

    American freedom is a big part of America. Have you ever seen an M-16?  Well that is what they sometimes shot in the great wars that America has been in.  Most of my family members have been in wars, I think that my Great Great grandpa  was is world war I. My Great grandpa was in world war II.  My grandpa was in the Vietnam war.  My uncle is in the coast guard. I love all these family members.  My grandpa did not want to go to the Vietnam war he was drafted.  He got the purple heart award because he was wounded in combat.  My grandpa was one of the few lived through that war.  I was told he was one of two men out of twenty six that survived in the hospital he was taken to, he is a lucky and tough man.

    American symbols are part of America’s identity.  The Eagle is our national Bird which is a huge part of America.  Our favorite of the bunch is all of the great presidents and worst presidents.  Some of those great presidents were Abraham Lincoln, and Roosevelt,  and those are my favorite presidents.  Are 10 amendments are also a sign of are freedom.  Some of the 10 amendments are the right to carry a firearm and freedom of religion.
    The american military is why we are the land of the free.  My great grandpa is one person that was almost blown up in the navy, he had a piece of a Japanese fighter plane they shot down.  He is the reason I have my great connection to the outdoors.  He used to own land on the north side of the Niobrara River.  My grandpa was drafted in 1968, was in army, and he got private E1,E2, private first class, specialist 4th class corporal, and was burned with 2nd and 3rd degree burns from his hair to belt on his back by a mortar.  My uncle is in the National Air uard I think he is being trained right now in lincoln to go over to Israel to save the people From terrorists groups like Isis.  Good luck uncle over in Israel.

    American wars is why we have freedom.  Some of the american wars are World war I, World war II, Korean war, Vietnam war, and the Civil war. They are all interesting because they all have weird twists in them.  My great great grandpa is a world war I veteran, My Great grandpa is world war II veteran, and my grandpa is a Vietnam war veteran.  My great grandpa used to say, “If you ever join the army your never going back to the man you were”. those were his famous words to me. he said it was a bad to go through the things that they went through.  My grandma said my grandpa at night he’d yell “BLOODY MURDER”!  right when he got back he screamed that. 
    This has reminded me of some of the great and scary adventures that the veterans have went through.  My advice to you is to join the armed forces even though it may be scary, you might meet the best friend that you never had, and help keep America free.