Friday, April 17, 2015

my inspiration

The great wild and outdoors that is where my dad lives. My father loves everything about life, even if it is a bad situation.  He does the best he can to make it the best situation. He inspires me the most out of anybody alive that I know. 
            His life is very interesting. He wants to make life better than it is.  One time he got ran over by a railroad cart, he made the best of it and cleaned it and kept loving what he was doing.  He wants to make the world better than it seems. 
            What my father does for a living he works at Cargill, he is the general manager for O’Neill.  Ill tell you one thing, he isn’t afraid of getting dirty or hurt. He works a lot harder than anyone else there. We also have a farm and he does the chores and he takes care of everything out there, and we have hogs, cattle, dogs, and more.
            What he loves the most in his life is outdoorsy stuff and family. My family he loves for all of are passion and he drives most of us to work harder because he has the will to keep working. He loves the outdoors for the animals because they fight hard to survive through the week. The outdoors can eat you alive if you aren’t paying attention.
            Steven Howard does what he needs to do to stay alive, he hopes that everything will go right, although sometimes they don’t and he makes the best he can, he ether fixes or throws that idea out the window.

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