Thursday, April 2, 2015

travel report

Where do you want to go in a day with a family member for free? Well I would want to go to Alaska with my dad, Steve Howard. It will be a lot of fun wherever you would go.  The people and their traditions are fun to learn about in Alaska. My three main things that Alaskans are concerned about are hunting, fishing, and preservation of food. 
            Hunting is a huge part to Alaskans. They like to hunt mostly black tailed deer, black bear, moose, and caribou. The state even has a lot of pheasants, ducks, and geese. I am sure that they have a lot of other different animals that you can hunt or trap.  Alaskans normally hunt bears during the springtime after hibernation.  Most big game animals are hunted during November and December.
            Fishing is another big part of their lives. They don’t fish for fun they do it to provide for their families. They normally go fishing for salmon, halibut, and many others. They all have their little secret spots that they love and if their best buddy knows it you might want search for a new spot that he doesn’t know about.
            What most people like about the Alaska is the way of life and plentiful wild game and food. What they normally eat is what they find out in the wilderness or raise on their farmstead.  Most people eat the normal stuff that lives in Alaska. For example, bear, deer, cows, pigs, rabbits, fish, waterfowl, and a lot more.
             Well I want to go to Alaska for all of the experiences that you can get from learning from all of the elders around the state of Alaska. It has a lot of places around the state I would want to go and visit to hunt, fish, and learn about their way of life and experiences the people have had.

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